{Pride Portland! 2014}

{Sweetest Things Collection :: 3}

Whether your sunglasses are off or on, you only see the world you make.

{Sweetest Things Collection :: 2}

I know you ain’t far, but I know you ain’t here.

{Barn Collection :: 1}

Peace is not something you wish for, it’s something you make, something you do, something you are and something you give away.

{Linda, Angel, Carlos & Huey}

Linda spends as much time as possible at Hilltop Horsemanship Center where her horse, Angel, and her granddaughter’s pony, Carlos, are stabled with fellow horse, Huey. Linda talks a lot during our session about the balance of building trust with these majestic animals and establishing dominance. Few things are as peaceful as watching someone doing what they love. It was a quiet, beautiful evening and Linda took Angel and Carlos through a purposeful routine for us. She talked us through her intentions and emanated with pride when they moved exactly how she expected them to. She’s working hard to get Carlos ready for Jasmine, her granddaughter, to be able to safely work with and ride. We left the stable in awe of how lucky this horse and pony are to have lives filled with so much love. Thank you for letting us in for the evening, Linda!


{Alex & Hanna}

Alex and Hanna met at Brian Boru several months back on a Friday for the first time. “I just thought she was sexy,” Alex tells us. They had a drink and hit it off but Alex’s good friend Lesley made Alex wait a day to hang out with Hanna again. Dating games, well played. They hung out again that Sunday and Hanna was introduced to a bunch of Alex’s crew and have been together ever since. Alex and Hanna hope to move in together soon, somewhere down south, and start a life together. Hanna wants to join the coast guard, which is fine with Alex since, as she puts it, “I don’t hate a girl in uniform.” We asked them if they’re in love and Hanna didn’t miss a beat, “uh, yes, definitely.” We wish this adorable couple all the best. P.s. we do engagement sessions, wink wink! 😉