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{Linda, Angel, Carlos & Huey}

Linda spends as much time as possible at Hilltop Horsemanship Center where her horse, Angel, and her granddaughter’s pony, Carlos, are stabled with fellow horse, Huey. Linda talks a lot during our session about the balance of building trust with these majestic animals and establishing dominance. Few things are as peaceful as watching someone doing […]

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{Alex & Hanna}

Alex and Hanna met at Brian Boru several months back on a Friday for the first time. “I just thought she was sexy,” Alex tells us. They had a drink and hit it off but Alex’s good friend Lesley made Alex wait a day to hang out with Hanna again. Dating games, well played. They hung […]

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{Donna & Deanna}

We had the pleasure this weekend of doing an awesome shoot with sisters Donna and Deanna. At the end of the shoot, we sat down with them to hear a little bit about how they got so close. Growing up with their father in the military, they talked about leaving their friends and relying on each […]

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